CD "Neue alte Weisen"

Chamber music: from classic, to folklore to avantgarde


"The CrossNova Ensemble, true to its name, creates, with a generous mixture of modern and indigenous cross-over, something new. With humor, classical sounds are mixed with folk and jazz, occasionally a piece slips into the avant-garde, creating surprising turnarounds of sound.  A bizarre, but excellentely executed “Panakustikum” of a multicultural city." 

(Dr. Michael Wruss, OÖN)

CD- Booklet als PDF (7mb)


Audio sample

"Looking East" - Gernot Wolfgang (1981-1945)

Rumänische Volkstänze - Béla Bartók (1981-1945)

To-get-her - Michael Radanovics (*1958)

Die schene Musi - Friedrich Gulda (1930-2000)


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