A Grand Night Music

“Darkness sets in, sinks down and climbs calmly across the land, the night, daughter of chaos. In many myths, she comes from outside, from very far away, from the universe, from the underworld or from the time before time."
(The Aesthetics of Night, Heinz-Gerhard Friese) 

The night: dark side of life, world without light, dark side of consciousness. The night offers not only space for rest and dreams, but also for rapture, excess and eroticism. It allows us to see everyday things in a different light and gives us the opportunity to process what we have experienced during daylight. 

All great artists have grappled with the night. They have described it, interpreted it and dedicated their works to it. 
With a program of music and texts, the CrossNova Ensemble attempts to shine a light on some of the mysteries of the night. 

Music by: H.Purcell, W.A.Mozart, F.Schubert, J.Brahms, R.Schumann, E.Grieg, C.Debussy, A.Piazzolla, C.Porter, L.Bernstein, D.Gillespie, F.Gulda, Falco, uvm.


Audio Samples