Dichterliebe reloaded

After lengthy examination of Robert Schumann’s Dichterliebe, the seemingly absurd idea developed of adding new, different sounds to this musical jewel of romantic art. 
With utmost respect for the original work, and a careful adherence to Schumann’s original style of writing supporting voices, this new work was created with a variety of musical bridges into the 21st century. 

Johannes Brahms’ Intermezzi op. 118 – in an arrangement for violin, bassoon and piano by Rainer Nova, create the prelude to this romantic yet contemporary program. 
Interlaced with poems from Heinrich Heine’s “Lyrischem Intermezzo’’, Brahms’ music takes on a programmatic character, and directly leads to “Lyrical Intermezzo”, by Gernot Wolfgang. Comprised of four movements, this commission was likewise inspired by Heinrich Heine, but explores entirely different musical paths, taking Heine’s poetry through Spanish, Irish, Norwegian and occasionally also atonal realms.

“Not only interesting, but also on all levels a highly successful and courageous undertaking: Robert Schumann’s “Dichterliebe” is one of the most significant lieder cycles, in fact a pillar of song-writing style and appears resistent to any attempt to change or develop it. And yet it was a success to elicit new sounds to this jewel of romantic music. (...) 
It was not only about “jazzing” up old music – that would be old news –, but the almost hermeneutic process of making a bygone language understandable once again. The slow songs took on the drive and impetus of masterful soul ballads, their irony and sarcasm rising into the ears of the enthusiastic audience. (...) simply genius."

(OÖN, February 2011)

“With rythmic precision and devoted passion, the musicians played directly to the hearts of the audience. The audience responed with rightful cheers for this unusual and thrilling concert."
(NÖN, January 2013)

“The CrossNova Ensemble began with improvisations and meditations on the elements of the romantic style of Schumann and Brahms. With “Dichterliebe reloaded”, many of the musical developments were simply inspired and charismatic. (...) a compelling matinee. 
(Kronenzeitung, November 2013)



Johannes Brahms (1833 -1897):
Intermezzi op.118 for violine, bassoon and piano (arr. Rainer Nova)
Intermezzo a-minor
Intermezzo A-major
Ballade g-minor
Intermezzo es-minor

Gernot Wolfgang (*1957):
Lyrical Intermezzi for violine, bassoon and piano
Single Fir Tree
Autumn Wind        
Flutes, Violins, Trumpets        

Robert Schumann (1810-1856) / Andreas Thaller (1968) / Rainer Nova (*1979):    
"Dichterliebe reloaded", for voice, violine, bassoon and piano


Audio Samples

Further details and audio samples can be found on the CD page "Dichterliebe reloaded".



aus der Partitur von Gernot Wolfgangs "Lyrical Intermezzo"